Traffolyte Labels & Discs

Traffolyte Labels & Discs


Traffolyte Labels & Discs

For years, we’ve been helping clients get a crisp, precise finish on their Traffolyte labels, discs, valve tags, and signage. Traffolyte is a fantastic material to work with, able to offer three colors in a single label/disc— one for engraved the text/design, and the others for the surrounding surface/intermediary layer. This means your lettering will pop, standing out from the surrounding acrylic and always easy to read (even in low light).

What’s more, our materials are all hard-wearing, durable, and UV-resistant; meaning they’ll stand up to all weather conditions and can be used confidently in high-traffic areas. Each label comes with self-sticking 3M adhesive, making it easy to quickly peel and stick on almost any surface. If you’d prefer, we can also drill holes for screws/ball & chain tags, or even leave the backing plain.

Use our laser and rotary engraving machines, to help bring your ideas to life. Simply let us know what you’re looking to accomplish, the colors you’re interested in, and the specifications (size, order quantity, etc.). We’re typically able to have your order printed and ship within 1–2 business days. Contact us now to get started:

Reasons to love Traffolyte

● Hard Wearing
● UV Stable
● Resistant to heat
● Low smoke & halogen free
● Will not oxidize
● European Standard EN 438 & Standardization ISO 4586
● Complies with BS EN 60079-25 regulations

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