Shoe Repairs 

Back in the day, being a cobbler was almost akin to being a web developer today. They were sought after, highly-skilled artisans able to complete orders precisely, up to the last stitch. At Broadway, we’ve been carrying on that tradition for more than three decades, helping the people of Tooting, London keep their best footwear looking… well, their best. All our repairs are completed in-house and are performed with expertise, no matter how big or small the job.

Heel Replacement

The most common problem affecting shoes, a heel replacement is a delicate procedure, but one that will get your favorite footwear looking good as new. From stilettos to hiking boots we stock a wide range of high-quality heels that will work for almost any brand or model you bring us.


Sole Replacement

Wearing out your shoes can be a sign of a well-travelled, cultured individual. Unfortunately, most in high society don’t see it that way, so having your soles expertly repaired can be critically important. For minimal wear and tear, we can affix a light rubber sole that will cover any damage and add years of life to your shoe. The rubber sole comes with modern tread and friction strips, helping you stay on your feet in slippery wintery conditions.

If your sole is completely deteriorated, it’s a often a better idea to completely replace the sole. Our team will carefully remove the damaged sections (or entire sole) and replace it with a matching design, sewing it permanently to the shoe using our industry-gradel stitching machines. We stock a wide range of great-looking soles in resin, rubber, and leather and will happily help you select the right one for your footwear.

Light Rubber Soles

General Repairs

For anything else like regluing, re-welting, or stitching — no matter how small or big — we can get your shoes looking good as new with the help of our expert team. Our patch stitching machine is great for any sewing repairs, while glue jobs are often able to be completed while you wait. We recommend you bring your damaged footwear to our Tooting shop, and let us advise you on the best way to get them back to their original glory.

Zip Repair/Replacement  

Zips are easily one of the greatest inventions of our time. However, over the years it’s common for them to submit to stress and regular wear & tear. We can fix any issue with your boot/shoe zippers, replacing the track or repairing the runner. Bring your shoes in for an assessment, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Shoe Care

Make your trip to our repair shop your first and last one. We’ll help you select from our range of shoe care products, so your newly-repaired gear continues to stand up to wear and tear with confidence. We work with only the best brands in the business, including names like Kiwi, Cherry Blossom, Dasco, and many more.
● Shoe Polish
● Shoe Dye
● Inner Soles
● Laces
● Suede Renovator
● Suede & Fabric Protector
● Brushes
● Shoe Care Accessories   

Different Repairs

● Heel Replacement
● Sole Replacement
● Replacement Units
● Re-welting
● Stitching
● Patching
● Zip Replacement
● Zip Runner Replacement
● Shoe Stretching
● Gluing
● Shoe Polishing
● Bag Repairs
● Knife Sharpening
● Orthopaedic Shoe Raise
● Shoe Alterations