Surprising Facts about Premier League

Surprising Facts about Premier League
The Premier League is the most esteemed football league in the entire world and was founded in 1992, so it’s not that old as some may have thought.
Football aficionados probably know the League inside and out, but those that are “casual” football fans are familiar only with the tip of the iceberg for sure.
In this article, we’ll shed light on some aspects pertaining to the Premier League that will definitely take you by surprise.
Let’s get down to business and find out some amazing facts about Premier League!

Things You Didn’t Know


  1. The Premier League Trophy Is Actually Cheap


The FIFA World Cup trophy is worth $20 million, the Bog Warner is valued at $1.3 million, but the Premier League trophy is worth about £3,700 (it’s basically the value of the silver it’s made of). If you were ever tempted to steal it, we highly advise that you don’t. Take a £3,700 loan instead. And make sure it’s got a fixed rate. You’ll thank us later!


  1. Alan Shearer Is Its Golden Goaler


238 – that’s how many goals were scored by Alan Shearer throughout his career, which spanned 2 decades. Subsequently, there’s no football player that beat his score. He also holds the record for the highest number of penalty goals: 56. He also missed the highest number of penalties (oh, the irony, right?): 11. 


  1. The Record for Most Substituted Player Is Held By Ryan Giggs


Ryan Giggs, the famous manager of the Wales national team, was the most substituted Premier League player, having been replaced no less than 134 times throughout his career. Not sure if that’s a record someone would want to have under his belt or his name, for that matter. 


  1. Almost 10K Premier League Matches Have Been Played Since 1992


At the moment, the number of Premier League matches played since its inception in ’92 is 9,746. That’s a lot of games.


  1. Everton Lost the Highest Number of Premier League Matches


You can’t always win, obviously. Some football teams are luckier than others, however, or it’s just the fact that they’ve got better players. Everton isn’t one of those, as it holds a less pleasant record: it lost 336 Premier League matches, more than any other PL team.


  1. Chelsea: Highest Number of Yellow Cards


Getting a yellow card isn’t that big of a deal. Getting 1,536, however, is. That’s how many were given to Chelsea players in the Premier League matches they’ve played in. Yellow is representative of jealousy, so maybe Chelsea wanted to make the other teams jealous.


  1. Richard Dunne – The Unluckiest Premier League Player


Richard Dunne holds some records that nobody would really want to hold. There are two of them. The first: he has scored 10 own goals, more than any other player. Maybe he was just confused. It can happen to anybody.


The second: he’s received 8 red cards. Again, that’s more than any other player ever got. Poor Dunne. Let’s hope that he didn’t fall into a deep depression.


  1. Marcus Bent Has Played for 8 Clubs


Brent seems like a dude that changes his preferences very often. He has played for 8 different Premier League clubs. 


  1. James Milner: Record for 47 Won Matches


There’s the record for the most own goals and most red cards, and then there’s the record for 47 won matches, held by James Milner, who hasn’t lost one of all the matches he’s played in. God bless his soul! He could teach Richard Dunne a thing or two. How to kick a ball, for example, in the opposite direction of his own net.


  1. Obafemi Martins & Bobby Zamora: 2-feet penalties


I can’t score a penalty with 1 foot and Zamora and Martins scored penalties with both feet. And by the way, no other players managed to pull this trick off, which makes Zamora and Martins all the more amazing and kings of their trade.


  1. Outlandish Record: Being Sent Off for Not Touching the Ball


This amazing and hysterical record is held by three players: Dave Kitson, Keith Gillespie, and Andreas Johansson. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt: maybe they weren’t announced that the game had begun and thought that the others were just fooling around on the stadium. It can happen to anybody, I guess.


  1. Yaya Toure Scored All of His Penalties Kicks


When Toure’s about to kick a penalty, a goalkeeper might as well light one up and check his Facebook messages. Toure shouldn’t be allowed to kick penalties, I mean, give others a chance, man. Anyway, considering his height and muscular complexion, I’d rather just get out of his way than score the meteor-like ball in my face. I’m quite fond of it as of late.


  1. More Than 50% of Premier League Players Aren’t British


63% of them, to be more precise, are players from other countries. The globalization can account for this - so much for the “English” Premier League. The more you know…


  1. Winner of Most Titles: Manchester United


Between 1993 and 2017, Manchester United has won the Premier League 13 times. This can only mean that they’ll lose the next. 13? Superstition? Come on! Chelsea follows right behind with 5 titles. Leicester City won the Premier League only 1 time – still more than the battles I’ve won with life.


Concluding Remarks


The Premier League can only get more interesting every time you delve a little deeper into it. Now you’ve got the knowledge that will allow you to talk about Premier League facts when you go out with the guys. They won’t be looking at you like you’re a pansy, either.


See, knowing stuff about the Premier League has positive outcomes. You’re ready to drop some jaws.