How to make lasting impressions with engraved trophies?

How to make lasting impressions with engraved trophies?

A trophy is a tangible award that is given to a person or a group for extraordinary achievements as a token of appreciation. A trophy is a memory for a lifetime are souvenirs of achievement for any individual or a group. It can also be considered as an object of admiration and idolization. The most common trophies we know are sports trophies that are awarded for sports excellence. However, trophies are also awarded in;

  • Schools for academic and extra-curricular excellence
  • Universities for excellence in a field of education
  • Corporate fields for business excellence, government offices for bravery and courage displayed and music
  • and movie industries for excellence are music and drama skills.

 May it be sports or education a trophy is aspired by everyone. These tangible awards are made from different materials and are available in various shapes and sizes. Silver and gold are the most expensive, and the most sought-after types of metal trophies. Steel, crystal, and pewter are other popular varieties on offer on the market.

A trophies can be customized to the needs of the events and occasions by engraving the name of recipient, year, event and type of achievement. Engraving can be done by all the materials which include metal, plastic, glass, acrylic, and crystal.

Today many organizers feel that engraving on trophies is as important as the material and design. An inexpensive trophy can be turned into most valuable one with beautiful engraving or print. The engraving conveys the what trophy is for, and this message can be efficiently conveyed with a good graphics engraving design. Engraving layout on the trophy can be designed based on the event or occasion.

Efficient engraving and design can be ensured in number ways and depend greatly on the purpose and field of the award. With the advent of the advanced technology in the field of engraving, trophies can be decorated with logos, images, fonts or can be either laser engraved or printed onto the plaques, medals, and trophies. An experienced graphic designer will ensure that the engraving and personalization will enhance the overall look of the award. A trophy can be engraved in many different ways to make a lasting impression on the recipients. Awards can be engraved to personalize different types of trophies. Trophies can be segregated broadly into two types; Corporate trophies and Sports and personal trophies.

Corporate Trophies

The very purpose of giving away corporate awards is to celebrate the contributions made by the employees at different levels of the management to the company's success. It can be either meeting the annual sales target in displaying exceptional customer relation skills or excelling in teamwork. The trophy design and engraving for such purposes should display the company brand and values along with the reason why it is presented to the employee. Corporate trophies are often engraved with company logo and brand caption.

Sports and personal trophies

Sports trophies can be more vibrant and extravagant when compared to corporate designs. The sports awards are all about teams and players. The team colours can be used for both engraving and design of the trophy. Pictures and photos of teams can be laser engraved or printed on the trophies to give a personal touch. A good designer at your favourite trophy stores will retain the clarity and detail of your images before engraving them on the trophy.

There are two aspects that need to be considered for engraving on trophies to enhance the look and feel of the award. The two aspects are design & font and shape & size of the trophy.

Design & Font

High-quality laser engraving can be used for acrylic and crystal trophies. One of the important things that need to be considered when engraving corporate trophies is the font, the text in good font can make a lasting impression on the recipient of the award. If the logo has text written, the same font can be used for engraving to enhance the look of the trophy. However different font can also be used but should be done effectively to add to the overall look and feel of the design. The layout and size of the font are equally important when it comes to engraving corporate trophies.

Shape and Size

The size and shape of the trophy should be given importance equally as engraving should be in proportionate with dimensions of the award. Round or angle shaped trophies are better for corporate events as they look better with text engraved in a curve or angular pattern. It is advisable to highlight only the important elements such as event and recipient name. General trophies without personalization using engraving does not make a lasting impression on the recipient. The engraving on the trophies can change the design and feel of the award. A balanced layout of the design with engraving gives the trophy a formal that is just perfect for corporates.

Engraved trophies leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Efficiently engraved trophies convey the message clearly in style by reflecting what it is presented for.

Although a standard design and font engraved on the trophy can achieve this, an engraving expert can add a lot more to enhance the feel and impression with beautiful design layouts.