6 Corporate Occasions Perfect for Glass Awards

Everyone likes to feel appreciated in their career and to believe that their hard work and dedication is being recognised by their employers. Glass awards are a simple but powerful way to provide that recognition. They’re also extremely cost effective, meaning that for a modest investment you’ll have the perfect tool to both motivate and reward your team members.

Here at Broadway Trophies and Engraving we’ve got an extensive range of top quality, stunning glass awards which are fully customisable to your exact requirements. You can embellish them with your company logo, upload a unique design to be engraved on them, and even have a special message engraved directly on the glass or on a mounted metal disc. Because of this they’re extremely versatile and can be used in numerous situations. Here are 6 corporate occasions perfect for glass awards.

Length of Service Awards

One of the most telling signs of a happy and engaged workforce is a low turnover rate, but employees only tend to stay in roles where they feel their contribution and loyalty is valued. Show them the respect they deserve when they hit a milestone, whether it be 10, 5, or even annual workiversaries, with a beautiful glass award to commemorate the landmark.


End of Year Awards Ceremonies

These are often the big, glitzy annual awards ceremonies that people associate most with glass awards, and here at Broadway we’ve provided awards to many top businesses to help mark the occasion. Often there are multiple glass awards being presented and you can choose to have all matching ones or select different trophies for each category you’re celebrating.

Engrave Glass Award

Employee of the Month

Annual awards are great, but a year’s a long time to wait to show your appreciation. A regular employee of the month award is the perfect way to maintain motivation in between. A simple glass award can create a real buzz no matter what industry you’re in and will provide that same quick pick me up every period.


Premium Engraved Glass Award

Outstanding Achievements

One off, unscheduled glass awards are a brilliant way to celebrate outstanding achievements in the workplace and can act as a real inspiration for others to emulate those successes. You don’t need a big flashy ceremony, a simple presentation in the office is enough to make an employee feel special and energise their teammates.

Glass engraved award

Team Successes

Equally as important as honouring outstanding individual achievements is recognising the contributions of entire teams. A great way to do this is with a large team award which can be kept in a prominent place in the office plus smaller individual glass awards for each member to take home with them.

Leaving Gifts

Whether it’s for a well deserved retirement, or to mark the moving on of a long serving and valued team member, a glass award makes a fantastic leaving gift. It’s a way to celebrate the time they’ve dedicated to the business and thank them for all they’ve done with something they can keep forever.